Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Visual & Aromatic Centerpiece

A great Centerpiece that smells great!
Items needed:
1 bag of whole grain coffee
6 Roses + 2 Eucalyptus Branches
1 lavender
1 used bottled water
1 Vase

Step 1
Cut your water bottle to 4" high, cutting from the bottom. Secure your water bottle inside with cement glue. Hold firm for 2-3 minutes.

Step 2

Fill your vase with the whole grain coffee, make sure it is flush with your water bottle, DO NOT FILL PAST THIS POINT! Now fill your water bottle with water and place your flowers inside.
You now have a flower arrangement that combines the smell of your coffee, and flowers! Besides, its an easy project that looks great on your coffee table!

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Patriotic Flowers with Purpose

Semper Fi Marine!
A new way of giving through flowers

A New Beginning


Designs By Eva Rosa is very pleased to announce a partnership with the Injured Marine's Semper Fi Fund (IMSFF) through Teleflora.

Designs By Eva Rosa will donate 10% of the purchase price of our Old Glory bouquets to help provide financial assistance to Marines and sailors injured in combat, training, or who have life threatening illnesses.

Please support us and this Meritorious organization by purchasing Old Glory bouquets for all of your occasions!


About the Organization

Established in May 2004, the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization that has provided over 8,000 grants totaling over $21 million in assistance to our Nation's wounded heroes and families. This assistance helps with immediate financial needs and perpetuating needs, such as modified transportation, home modifications, and specialized equipment.

The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund provides financial assistance and quality of life solutions to:

  • Marines and Sailors injured in combat, training, or with life threatening illnesses
  • Their families- to help defray the expenses incurred during hospitalization, rehabilitation, and recovery
  • Other service members injured while in direct support of Marine units and their families
  • Help with expenses associated with the purchase of specialized equipment, adaptive vans or vehicles, and handicap home purchases and/or modifications

The IMSFF is committed to the good stewardship of the monies entrusted to us by the American people to provide supplemental assistance to our Marines, Sailors, and their families as they face their road to recovery. The needs continue to be great; all donations large and small help continue to move this noble mission forward.


Contacting IMSFF

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
Wounded Warrior Center • Bldg H49 • Camp Pendleton, CA 92055
Phone: 760-725-3680
Fax: 760-725-3685
Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
715 Broadway Street • Quantico, VA 22134
Phone: 703-640-0181
online at

Shoe In Flowers

Shoe in Flowers
How to find a use for your old shoes!

Contrary to popular belief, Cinderella's stepsisters were not desperate for Prince Charming -- they were desperate for her glass slipper. Shopping for shoes is an exhilarating experience a girls out event. But what happens when those shoes grow tired and worn, should we gasp throw them away? Well ladies what if we could use our wonderful shoes for a centerpiece, a conversation tool. Something that will remind you of where you have walked and now for sure a conversation piece

Tools needed: cost $10.00 plus S&H
1 Piece of floral foam 4" x 2 1/2"
1 Bag of moss of 4x4 (optional
2 plastic bags (retail shopping bags)
6 large flowers - (1) 1 at 10"
(2) 1 at 8"
(3) 1 at 6"
(4) 3 at 4"
Use figure for Number and locations
glue gun (if using artificial flowers)
Green Filler
misc. flower filler i.e baby's breath

Step 1
Clean your shoes thoroughly, free from debris, soil or anything that may dirty your surfaces. Secondly, line the inside of your shoe with aluminum foil or plastic lining. Roll up your plastic bags into one large ball and place it inside your shoes (where your toes would be)

Step 2

Place the piece of foam inside your shoe (if fresh place your foam in water for 5 mins before) and cover it with moss. Secure your moss with wire to the foam.

Step 3
Place your flowers like showed in the picture above (1) being the tallest and (4) being the shortest. If using artificial make sure to secure stems with glue before inserting them into the foam. Place filler as shown above or in any gaps that need to be covered.

Step 4
Brag to your freinds because you're finished!!!!

Now you have a centerpiece to talk about and remember all those great times you had with those exquisite shoes of yours! Plus bragging rights for your friends!

If you need any of the supplies let us know and we can ship them to you or come in to pick out your own flowers.

Have a great day and happy crafting!