Sunday, September 9, 2007

How to Make a centerpiece of your Cake

First of all you need to see what the general layout of the hall is going to be. Your cake is one of the major attractions of your guests so it needs to be in a place highly visible yet not in the way. 1. The cake table is usually placed whithin the radius of the table of honor. Like this you have accesibility to the cake when it comes to cut it, and your guests can come and see it on their way to say hello to you.

2. Place linens on the table in order to provide that soft touch and add elegance to it. Table cloths can be added around the edges draping down in order to cover up the bottom portion of the table.

3. Top off your linenes with veil draped in arches around the table. If you want to add that extra something put white x-mas lights and ivy with the veil in order to spruce it up a bit. Once you have your cake table decorate have your cake assembled.

4. As an extra touch place ivy all around the cake with veil and rose petals.

With a few extra minutes and a few item you can make your cake table the centerpiece that it was meant to be.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sedalia State Fair Grounds

The State Fair Grounds, is an optimum place to hold an event, the halls are big and filled with possibilities. How do you picture your event there?